Jon Stewart offers to negotiate with Donald Trump

Jon Stewart interrupts The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to offer to negotiate with Donald Trump to end mistreatment of children at the border. This is actually from June 28 so it’s a bit out of date, though less so than it should be.


This is a reference to the Trump administration’s botched policy of separating immigrant children from their parents other caregivers at the U.S. border with Mexico, in many cases even when they presented themselves legally at a border crossing to request asylum in accordance with U.S. law. (If you think the policy applied only to illegal immigrants, you’ve been misinformed.)

The immediate reaction was so negative that even President Trump declared himself opposed to the cruel policy that traumatized children, but, he said, it was out of his hands, because the policy was required by laws that had been passed by Democrats and that only Democrats could change, which doesn’t even make sense. Of course, the policy not only wasn’t required, it was prohibited, and courts ordered the administration to comply with the actual law. Trump then retreated and reversed the policy he had just said he could not reverse.

Despite that, not all children have been reunited with their families in part because the policy change had been introduced in such a rushed and incompetent manner that there was no time to implement it properly, and the authorities royally screwed up the record-keeping.

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