Finnish weather forecast in 20 seconds

In this 20-second clip from a Finnish television newscast, anchor Mika Saukkonen introduces weatherman Pekka Pouta, who issues a classic warning: Link: If you can spare another 21 seconds, here’s a follow-up: Link: Incidentally, it might surprise you … Continue reading

Denunciations of the Paris attacks by comics from opposite sides of the world

(A caution to sensitive visitors: Both clips below involve the use of strong language, entirely justified in my view.) First, one you’ve likely already seen: John Oliver condemns the terrorists and celebrates France: Link: Below, engineer turned writer and … Continue reading

In defense of computer generated effects

Just recently a friend of mine complained that overuse of computer-generated visual effects have ruined movies. Here’s an interesting response to that: Link: In brief, the problem isn’t the effects, it’s the writing. Meanwhile, today’s digital effects are often … Continue reading