Review: Kung Fury (2015 movie)

Over the past six months or so I've heard a few mentions of this film, all of them reasonably favorable, so I finally decided to watch it. What we have here is a half-hour-long, intentionally over-the-top parody of 1980s Hollywood … Continue reading

Two animated shorts made with Blender

Blender is excellent software for creating computer-generated images, animations, and special effects. Remarkably, it's also free and open source. (It can be downloaded here for various operating systems.) Here are two recent short animated films (combined running time under six … Continue reading

In defense of computer generated effects

Just recently a friend of mine complained that overuse of computer-generated visual effects have ruined movies. Here's an interesting response to that: Link: In brief, the problem isn't the effects, it's the writing. Meanwhile, today's digital effects are often … Continue reading