Where I’ve been

I haven’t been posting for a while because not quite two weeks ago someone hit my car from behind, totaling it and injuring (of all things) my lower right leg, causing pain and swelling. I was seen in an emergency room where they found no evidence of a blood clot and recommended ice and elevation for the swelling. Over the next few days (including a visit to my doctor) the pain got progressively worse and I ended up spending most days mainly in bed because standing or even sitting was painful. Pain relievers haven’t made a detectable difference, so I’ve pretty much just had to live with it. I still haven’t finished dealing with insurance companies, let alone been able to shop for a new car, but I am gradually feeling better.

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Where I’ve been — 2 Comments

  1. Wow Gary, so sorry to hear of your accident. I feel your pain, having been in a rear fender bender a year ago, and dealing with the same issues. My prayers for your recovery.Take care & look forward to your future posts.

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