Two rants on Republicans and Democrats

Brian Keith Dalton, a former Republican (and former Mormon who coined the term Formon), here offers up a complaint about people’s willingness to vote for real jerks. He’s reasonably restrained in his manner except for what some might consider colorful language:


Bill Maher has some similar things to say, but in an even more emphatic and foul-mouthed way, a lot of it directed at Democrats.


I should mention that I have mixed feelings about Maher. He often says things I agree with, but he also holds some really dumb views on some topics (vaccines, for example, and to a lesser extent on space exploration). He makes a big deal about being politically incorrect (even hosting a show by that name on HBO) and recently he used the N-word as a joke and got called out on it.

What he says above is still mostly worth hearing, I think. Democrats should hit back harder. They don’t have to sink the the level of criminal assaults as some Republicans have done, and they shouldn’t sink to the level of Trump-style blatant lying, but they need to make their case more emphatically. My youngest brother Tom, who died last year, often complained that Democrats would make a point one time and expect people to remember, when they ought to keep hammering it.

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