How dangerous are refugees?

Two videos from back in September have renewed relevance because U.S. policy is about to change soon based on irrational fear. First Stephen Colbert addresses the fear in 3.5 minutes, then John Oliver goes into a little more detail in 10.5.

In brief, there are people who fear terrorists will sneak into the United States amongst Syrian refugees. But entering the U.S. as a refugee is hard and very time consuming, with tons of paperwork and winning approval (if it’s granted at all) taking 18 to 24 months. Terrorists would much more likely come into the country on a tourist visa, which are far faster and easier to get, and there are scads more of them.



For what it’s worth I previously posted something on the same subject 14 months ago here.

Following are links to some other posts on the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis.

Videos by Hank and John Green:


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