A Syrian refugee family in the United States

A couple of months ago John Green posted another good short video about Syrian refugees that’s worth four minutes of your time.

Syrians in general aren’t all that different from middle class families in Europe or the United States. The adults tend to be pretty well educated, and they’re often fans of American movies. Yes, there are of course cultural and religious differences, but everywhere people are still basically people.

Syrian refugees are people trying to get away from a horrific civil war. Most of them are living in camps in neighboring countries or in some relatively quiet area inside Syria. Some have been taken in by countries in Europe. Out of a few million Syrian refugees a mere few thousand have been allowed into the United States after a difficult and thorough vetting process that takes two years or so. Canada is admitting more than twice as many.

The people who say that Syrian refugees are being admitted without a thorough background check, or that Obama, Clinton, or anyone else is planning to bring in vast numbers wholesale, is either seriously misinformed or scaremongering for political purposes.

Link: https://youtu.be/7rdi9SZX2k8

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