Mr D’s good point about the Supreme Court

Brian Keith Dalton makes a good point here about nominees to the Supreme Court:


In brief, last year GOP leaders in Congress refused for the first time in American history even to consider the president’s nominee to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Their argument was that it was too close to the presidential election (even though the election was nearly a year in the future at that point) and the American people deserved to have a say on whom they wanted to name the next justice.

Well now, as Dalton notes, we know who the American people chose: the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by a margin of 2.1 percent and well over 2.8 million votes. It’s true she’s not the incoming president because the wasn’t the choice of the Electoral College. But Mitch McConnell et al didn’t say the Electoral College should have a voice, they specifically said the American people.

Of course, Clinton can’t make the nomination, but Trump could at least have the decency to name someone acceptable to Democrats. A good choice would be the judge Obama nominated, Merrick Garland, a moderate widely praised by Republicans and Democrats.

But watch Dalton’s video. He says it much better and more entertainingly.

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