BBC Scotland: That woman wasn’t Rudolf Hess

BBC Scotland has multiple amusing technical problems in less than a minute:


The report mentions Rudolf Hess, the Nazi deputy führer who had become isolated from the rest of the leadership and apparently concocted, with the help of some associates, a far-fetched scheme for negotiating peace on his own with the Duke of Hamilton, a fellow aviation enthusiast who was a friend of a friend. Hess reached southern Scotland within a few miles of his intended destination but was quickly captured and spent the rest of his life in captivity, the last 40 years of it in Spandau Prison in Berlin, where he died in 1987 at the age of 93.

There are still controversies about everything from whether Hess’s mission was really on his own initiative to the nature of his death. (He apparently committed suicide by hanging, but others contended he was too frail to have killed himself, and some claim that the supposed suicide note found on his body was actually written in 1969 when Hess was gravely ill) The prison was demolished after his death to prevent its becoming a Nazi shrine. Hess’s grave became a gathering place for Nazi sympathizers, so in 2011 his body was exhumed with his families consent and cremated, with the ashes scattered.

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