Oui, on peut: French group wants Obama for president of France

Other countries aren’t thrilled with their choice of politicians either, and a small group in France wants to draft an experienced non-Frenchman to serve as president of the French Republic. They’ve put posters up around Paris and are hoping for a million citizens to sign their petition by March 15. Barack Obama, they say, has the best résumé in the world for the job.

You can read reports about the proposal from the European version of Politico, The Washington Post, and NPR.

As of a few days ago they had collected 27,000 signatures, well short of their goal, but more than some might have expected.

Their website is http://obama2017.fr.

Of course, they don’t really expect this to happen. For a start, Obama isn’t a French citizen and doesn’t speak French, and he has plenty of other things to do. But it’s an interesting idea.

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