Gramma and Ginga review Game of Thrones

A couple of weeks ago Jimmy Kimmel Live featured a couple of sisters named Gramma and Ginga. Gramma is 102 and Ginga is 97, and they spoke by video link from their home in Clarksburg West Virginia. They proved a hit with the audience, so May 31 Kimmel invited them back to review last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones.

Since they’d never watched the series, Gramma and Ginga understandably found it hard to follow. It was rather like asking someone to review chapter 56 of a novel without having read what came before. Nevertheless, their comments are entertaining.

(While there are some clips from the episode, I don’t think they constitute much of a spoiler, except perhaps for revealing who isn’t dead yet.)


My favorite line: “Now I’m getting hungry.”

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