John Oliver on new abortion laws

Here’s yet another piece from John Oliver, this one from February but with content that’s very much still relevant. As usual, Oliver somehow manages to be entertaining while offering up a lot of valuable information on a very serious subject.

Obviously, very obviously, there’s a spectrum of opinion about abortion. Most people are somewhere in the middle, but a lot have very strong views, and it’s unlikely we’ll achieve agreement anytime soon.

But whatever you or I or our neighbors might think, it’s worth understanding that a lot of new state laws have been passed in recent years to regulate abortion clinics, and despite claims that those laws are needed to protect women’s health, the fact is that they often do nothing of the sort and in some cases clearly harm women. The vast majority of pregnancies are ended in the first trimester (a high percentage, it might be noted, occurring naturally without any medical intervention), and a woman getting one faces very little risk of harm, even less than in many other routine medical procedures, in fact.

The piece runs 16 minutes, long than most clips I embed here, but it’s worth the time:


For other John Oliver clips, see the YouTube channel for HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

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