Finnish weather forecast in 20 seconds

In this 20-second clip from a Finnish television newscast, anchor Mika Saukkonen introduces weatherman Pekka Pouta, who issues a classic warning:


If you can spare another 21 seconds, here’s a follow-up:


Incidentally, it might surprise you to learn that tomorrow, December 1, is the official start of winter, or as close to an official start as you can get. The usual convention is meteorology is that the winter months in the Northern hemisphere are December, January, and February. Likewise, spring is March through May, summer is June-August, and autumn or fall is September-November. That’s also in keeping with the traditional school calendar in which the summer vacation months are June, July, and August (though it seems to run a little earlier now at least some places).

Of course, we’re quite often told that Northern Hemisphere winter “officially” begins on the date of the December solstice (which this year takes place on December 22 at 0449 UTC, or December 21 at 11:49 pm Eastern Standard Time), and if you want to think of that as the start of the season, that’s OK with me. After all, early December can be pretty warm (unless you live in Finland or some place like that), and there’s an old saying that March comes in like a lion. But there’s really nothing “official” about this; it’s just something that’s become a tradition in journalism.

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