Classic film dance scenes reedited to “Uptown Funk”

I’m sure a lot of work (not by me!) went into matching dance routines from 66 classic musicals to the song “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars (the official music video for which can be found on YouTube here.)


For the names of the films, turn on closed captioning. (You can do that by mousing over the video, then clicking on “CC” in the group of buttons at the bottom right.)

For a couple of similar efforts, see this post from January of 2014. Update: A more recent dance scene mashup also based on “Uptown Funk” can be found here.

(On a completely different front, this post from a while back featuring Kid President’s Thanksgiving message has been getting a lot of hits recently apparently from people passing around the link, so you might want to check it out.)

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Classic film dance scenes reedited to “Uptown Funk” — 1 Comment

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