Stone-age tool-making and building

Here’s someone whose hobby is building various things with stone-age technology, in this case a hut with a ceramic tile roof and underfloor heating. He doesn’t live this way; he’s just interested in how it might be done. His raw materials are mainly stones, trees, vines, water, and clay. Nothing from a hardware store.

It’s not something I’d have the patience to do, but it’s fascinating to see how it can be one.

If you’re not interested in the details you might want to skip ahead a bit at a time as you watch this, but it’s still worth a look. (Here’s a tip on doing that, by the way: While watching a YouTube video, type J or L lets you skip backwards or forwards a bit, and typing K lets you pause and resume playback.)


Click on the link above for additional details. You can find more of his videos at this link.

His blog:

“Work fascinates me. I can watch if for hours.” — Mark Twain.

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