The final walk of a police dog

A retired police dog named Judge had an impressive career in the West Deptford Township Police Department in New Jersey, among other things assisting in the arrest of 152 suspects.

In 2013, having served six years on the force, the nine-year-old German shepherd had to retire because of problems with his teeth, living at home with Corporal Mike Franks. Other serious illnesses led to large veterinary bills at the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital, and since the city budgeted only $300 for veterinary care, the police turned to a crowdfunding site to ask for help, hoping to raise $10,000. The GoFundMe campaign began on Wednesday, November 12, and by Friday, November 14, it had collected $12,700 from 121 donors. In addition, a local veterinary clinic offered to provide future treatment for free.

Unfortunately, Judge’s illnesses, most seriously Cushing’s Disease, proved too serious, and by last week he was no longer able to eat, so a decision was made to end his suffering. When Judge took his final walk into the clinic gripping a training sleeve in his mouth, he walked between a double line of human and dog officers. The cops were moved to see a similar honor guard inside.

There are photos and more details at this link.

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