Libyans demonstrating against attacks on Americans

Buzzfeed and Yahoo (among other sites) have a number of photographs of Libyans demonstrating against the assaults on American diplomats. A handwritten text seen multiple times reads in slightly fractured English, “Sorry People of America this is not the Pehavior of our Islam and Profit.”

Someone named محمد الشركسي posted via Facebook on the Buzzfeed page linked to above as follows: “hello every one, iam a libyan from benghzi and I would realy like to give my deep condolances to the family of Mr stevens and to all the American people and also my condolances gose to the libyan people for losing such a great man…….. 100% of the libyans are so sad when they heared the news, those how did this are no more terroristes and we will bring them to justis soon.”

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