Review: Rango (2011 movie)

The hero of this computer-animated comic western is a former pet lizard turned sheriff of a desert town populated by all sorts of animals (not just those you’d expect to see in a desert). The plot has fun with western move clichés and augments them with stuff that’s weird, spectacular, or both, such as an airborne attack by prairie dogs riding bats. It was brilliantly animated by Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, but from a better script than the last Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies.

I can’t figure out the species of Rango’s love interest, Beans. (Her father was fond of legumes, she explains.) Maybe she’s a lizard like Rango, but what’s with the hair in ringlets? A wig? From appearances it’s possible she could be the love child of Voldemort and Hermione Granger’s aunt. I was a bit disturbed to realize that I found her moderately attractive. Maybe it’s her wide, expressive eyes. I’m pretty sure it’s not her name.

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