9-11 first responders not welcome at tenth anniversary ceremony

According to a CNN report yesterday, 9-11 first responders — the police, firefighters, and other emergency personnel who rushed to ground zero in the immediate aftermath of the attacks — will not be able to attend this year’s observance of the tenth anniversary at Ground Zero.

The mayor’s office says there’s no space for them, because most of it is being reserved for families of the victims, adding that the first responders were not invited to observances on previous anniversaries either.

Yet first responder Morris Faitelewicz, vice president of the Auxiliary Police Supervisors Benevolent Association, called that explanation ‘nonsense.’ Faitelewicz said that, while there are not usually formal invitations, first responders have been able to attend all of the previous ceremonies simply by showing up.

Not allowing them to attend this year — the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks — is an especially galling affront, he said.

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9-11 first responders not welcome at tenth anniversary ceremony — 1 Comment

  1. Unbelievable…they came uninvited the first time around..I see no need for you to “MAKE ROOM” for them now…YOU FIND ROOM…there is no excuse for this. The entire nation will be watching New York City in anticipation of names of the fallen heroes to be read ALOUD…each and everyone of them…Please don’t make this an embarassment in front of our country & the rest of the world..In the least they could “attend” under the “guise” of security..do you not realize they sacrificed their lives & limbs for every single one of us? They represent every police officer & fire representative in the whole United States of America…again, make us proud…MAKE ROOM…MAKE IT SAFE..you are New Yorkers..the most creative can-do society in our country. If you cannot accomplish a simple tribute to the biggest heroes of our time..then where does that leave us as a society? come on….

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