The Lower Case

For many years I’ve subscribed to Columbia Journalism Review, which is, you’ll not be shocked to discover, a magazine about journalism published by Columbia University. Every time an issue arrives I whip open the back cover (sometimes while still standing in the street in front of the gaping maw of my mailbox) to read “The Lower Case,” a collection of comical misprints — or at least things that can be read more than one way — from newspapers and magazines.

CJR publishes quite a lot of of good articles as well (along with some inside-baseball stuff not necessarily of great interest to people outside the profession), but I usually feel I get my money’s worth from The Lower Case alone. A handful of examples:

Lansing residents can drop off trees

Columbia-Snake rivers closed for repairs

British left waffles on Falkland Islands

Iraqi head seeks arms

Stud tires out

Reagan wins on budget, but more lies ahead

Cold wave linked to temperatures

Stolen painting found by tree

Red tape holds up new bridge

Squad helps dog bite victim

(The last two became titles of Lower Case collections in book form.)

You can a selection of recent ones on their website’s The Lower Case page, which I believe is updated more or less every other month.

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