One really angry cat

I saw this on my brother Tom’s blog. According to a report in the Conway Arkansas newspaper, police were dispatched to investigate a report that a “crazy cat” was trying to break into the caller’s house. The two responding officers encountered a cat so enraged it couldn’t walk straight, hissing, growling, staggering, and occasionally falling on its face in its extreme fury. Suspecting the cat might be rabid, the officers tried backing off and saying nice kitty, but the cat wasn’t having it and charged one of them, who barely managed to deflect the attack with his billy club (with no apparent harm to the cat, I’m glad to say, since that would only have made it even madder).

Finally animal control somehow succeeded in taking the cat into custody. Later, the police department’s LaTresha Woodruff said, “The cat was tested to see if there was something physically wrong that may have caused it to act aggressively toward the officers, but there was no indication of disease and the animal was not rabid.”

The conclusion of animal control officers was that the cat was just incredibly pissed off for some unknown reason. The following day it had calmed down and was allowed to return to its home in the same neighborhood as the neighbor whose house the cat had tried to invade.

It would be interesting to know just why this cat was mad at hell and not going to take it any more. Did residents of the targeted house support the Westboro Baptist Church or something? There’s more to this story than we know…

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