Digital effects show the sizes of rockets, planets, and stars

Here are a couple of videos from a visual effects artist at the YouTube channel Corridor (formerly Corridor Digital), which features a series of frequently excellent short films. This comes from their secondary channel Corridor Crew, with behind-the-scenes making-of stuff as well as personal projects like this one.

The first shows the actual sizes of SpaceX rockets digitally inserted into cities for comparison with buildings:


The second shows the relative sizes of planets and stars scaled down to make the Earth the size of a tennis ball:


This leads to a possible bit of confusion in which the VFX artist and narrator mentions both the actual size of an immense star named (for real) UY Scuti and its scale model size without clearly distinguishing between them. The star is so big that if it replaced the Sun, would extend all the way out to the orbit of Saturn. On the other hand, reduced by a scaling factor that would make the Earth the size of a tennis ball, YU Scuti would cover a good part of Manhattan.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’ve had some more annoying medical problems (again), but I’m on the mend (again) and hope (again) to post here more often. At this point, no promises, though.

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