Distracted driving: Even talking on a hands-free phone is pretty bad

My cell phone connects with my car via Bluetooth so I can make and receive phone calls in my car without taking my hands off the steering wheel. I rarely do it, though, because of what I’ve read about credible research.

You might think that because you’re careful, you can talk on the phone or even text and send emails without impairing your driving. Unfortunately, you’re almost certainly wrong. I know, I know, it seems that talking on the phone wouldn’t be any more distracting that talking with a passenger, but again the research says otherwise. And on average, people who think they’re better at dealing with distractions actually turn out to be worse.

People tend to be remarkably stubborn about their driving, so I doubt a lot of people will be persuaded by this, but if you do have an open mind the following might interest you:

Link: https://youtu.be/vpva5vr9tGE

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