The decency of John McCain

Senator John McCain has died of the same illness that took the life of my youngest brother just short of two years ago. I disagreed with Senator McCain about a lot of things and like all of us he was a flawed human being. But he also many times showed basic decency I always admired. Here are a couple of very brief memorable examples:


That the current occupant of the White House could not bring himself to show even common basic respect to Senator McCain at the end of his life is unfortunately just another in series of demonstrations of Trump’s pathetic lack of character. Even after McCain’s death he offered weak condolences to the senator’s family but not one word about the man himself.

Here’s a succinct summary of John McCain’s accomplishments in public service from PBS NewsHour. It’s worth seeing even if you’re already familiar with the highlights of his career.


Finally, veteran journalist Jeff Greenfield recalls McCain’s life and his strengths and flaws (and in response to a question briefly contrasts him with Trump):


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