Jimmy Kimmel on face matches from Google’s Arts and Culture app

I haven’t tried Google’s Art and Culture app, but apparently one of the things it can do is search historical portraits to find people you look like. (Well, not just you. That would be an awfully narrowly focused product.)

I thought this minute-long segment about it from Jimmy Kimmel was reasonably amusing:

Link: https://youtu.be/a-IYOrY8ePA

Update 2018 February 22: I’ve no idea what happened here. The video has vanished from YouTube without a trace or explanation, possibly over some copyright claim, though that’s just my own wild guess. Basically, the app matched Guillermo to a painting of British composer Sir Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert & Sullivan fame), which was actually a pretty good match, and Jimmy Kimmel himself to a figure in another classic painting. Donald Trump was allegedly matched to Garfield the Cat, if not by the Google app itself by Jimmy Kimmel’s staff. It’s a shame the clip was taken down.

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