The immigration debate and Trump’s misconceptions

The immigration debate is still going on in Congress and may lead to another government shutdown. Part of the problem is that President Trump keeps changing his position, and as the following clip demonstrates he seriously (in fact, bizarrely) misunderstands at least some important points, such as the so-called visa lottery:


As the video also points out, the administration has also wildly misrepresented so-called “chain migration,” the false notion that anyone with a green card can immediately start bringing in family members who in turn can bring in still other family members, and so on. In reality, family visas are granted only to immediate family members, and it can easily take a decade, even two decades, for one of these visas to be granted. The chain, to the extent that it exists at all, barely moves.

Most recently President Trump claimed, in an interview with CNBC’s Joe Kernen, that he was not to blame for ending DACA, asserting, “And by the way, the court — it wasn’t me. The courts were not upholding that executive order.” DACA — Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals — is an executive order issued by President Obama. It allowed persons illegally brought to the United States as children to stay here temporarily provided they met a number of conditions, including registering with the federal government. Some lawsuits have been threatened on the theory that Obama overstepped his authority, but no courts have ruled against it, and in fact earlier this month a federal district court temporarily suspended Trump’s order doing away with DACA. The Trump administration is appealing that district court ruling the Supreme Court.

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