World artists recreate world sites in miniature in Times Square

A relatively new attraction in New York’s Times Square is Gulliver’s Gate, something like a huge model train set the size of a football field reproducing famous locations around the world in 1:87 scale. It includes the city’s own Grand Central Terminal (in cross-section, so you can see the various levels), the Panama Canal, the Taj Mahal, the Roman Coliseum, the pyramids at Giza, Rio’s Copacabana beach, an erupting South American volcano, Stonehenge, and a good deal more, about a hundred locations in all, with moving trains, trucks, ships, balloons, cable cars, and so on and even some scenes from movies, all created by a team of 600 artists from eight countries.

If you like, you can even get yourself scanned and turned into a 3D-printed figure to be added to one of the locations, possibly one with special meaning for you.


There’s a 360-degree tour on the PBS website here. If your browser supports it, here’s a link to the 360 video on YouTube:


You can also find it by searching YouTube for “360 video: An up-close view of one miniature world’s tiny tourist destinations”. This is likely to work particularly well in the YouTube app on most smart phones.

(Which reminds me: I recently picked up a virtual reality headset for a smart phone for $15 at a CVS drugstore. They had it next to the pharmacy department, possibly in case you get motion sickness.)

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