Fun-loving Germans entertain passing trains

Some minds might be boggled by the notion of fun-loving Germans, but check out the video below.

Passengers traveling the 30-kilometer (20-mile) rail segment between the eastern German towns of Jena and Naumburg saw strange things happening outside their widows. A farmer hit a gusher of water, a runner seemed to keep up with the train for a while, and bushes suddenly grew legs and started running.

This was just a project for fun involving about 500 Germans (in what used to be East Germany, we should note) who live in the area, plus some imports including at least one American student.


Sadly there aren’t too many places we could do something like this in the U.S. We just don’t have enough passenger train service. Planes generally fly too high, and if we tried to do it by a highway we’d end up causing wrecks.

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