Net neutrality

Net neutrality basically says that companies providing provide Internet access can make money charging for bandwidth, but they can’t use their monopoly power to extort extra payments from successful Internet businesses, large and small, by threatening to block or slow down access. It’s one of the few things that’s pretty obviously a matter of good versus evil, with net neutrality on the side of you, me, the angels, and pretty much everybody who isn’t a cable or telephone company.

That includes Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, big businesses, small businesses, YouTube creators, Internet users, and literally everybody I know I’ve heard express an opinion on it.

Net neutrality is what we have right now, but telephone and cable companies are pushing to change that in order to rake in more income without actually delivering more value. Of course, they say that the reason they oppose net neutrality is because it gets in the way of their ability to “innovate,” which is true only if you redefine “innovate” to mean “get money for nothing.”

But bear in mind that the new head of the FCC is actually opposed to net neutrality. Why? Well, he used to be a lawyer for Verizon and would probably like to get an even better-paying job with them in the future. So net neutrality is right now in serious jeopardy, not exaggeration.

You can tell the FCC not to change the rules and preserve Internet freedom and neutrality by clicking this direct link to the FCC website:

In this video Vi Hart explains the importance of net neutrality and why it’s threatened.


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