Major news a lot of us are missing

There are a lot of major things going on in the world besides Donald Trump. A few examples with links to more information:

  • Famine endangers 20 million people in Africa (Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan) and the Middle East (Syria and Yemen), leading to massive refugee movements. (The Associated Press, ABC News) The food problems are related to global-warming-caused climate change and wars. The wars are partly a result of the food crisis and refugee movements, and the wars in turn cause more famines and more refugees.
  • Conditions are getting desperate in Venezuela, with a political crisis leading among other things to failing hospitals. (The New York Times, The Atlantic)
  • Scandals are putting democracy in danger in Brazil. (Glen Greenwald in The Intercept)
  • Journalists are being jailed by the government in Turkey (probably more than in any other country) and murdered in Mexico by criminal gangs. (Turkish Minute, The New York Review of Books)

To give credit where it’s due, I saw links to these articles in an email from Columbia Journalism Review.

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