Glove and Boots

Glove and Boots is a YouTube channel that you ought to check out. It specializes in comedy starring puppets, but it’s not a kid’s show. I don’t mean to suggest it’s especially inappropriate for children (it’s no worse than prime-time television), only that they’re not its target audience. The main characters are a groundhog named Fafa and a non-groundhog named Mario. There are also multiple gorillas and a tough frog named Johnny T who might be mobbed up and sometimes uses indelicate language, which gets bleeped.

In this recent video Mario goes on location to conduct a series of experiments to evaluate the relative talents of a two-year-old dog and a two-year-old human.


(Take a look at that link above, by the way. It looks like what somebody mumbles while falling asleep.)

There’s also a Glove & Boots gaming channel. I don’t have the time to play video games myself, let alone watch somebody else play them, but the abbreviated example below is just the highlights and fairly funny (but again, I’m easily amused).


If you want to see more of these guys, here are links to the YouTube channels in question:

Main channel:

Gaming channel:

There are few other posts on this blog featuring Glove & Boots. Try this link.

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