Benedict Cumberbatch performs a scene written by MadLib

You probably know what MadLibs are, but if not, the clip below clears that up quickly. It’s from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last November. If you get impatient, you can skip ahead to the 3 minutes 30 seconds point.


In my remote and misspent youth I spent a fair amount of time on MadLibs with friends, and I still remember a few sentences we managed to produce. One story was about a farmer and his wife. At the end the farmer announced that he had to go out to “squash the hogs and disassemble the chickens.”

The other had to do with a young man who was poor but in love. All he had to offer her, the story said, was a[n] adjective noun, and I’m afraid the two words we supplied in all innocence were “hairy” and “dipstick.”

After writing the above I watched and immediately decided to add the following bonus scene, featuring Dakota Johnson, star of the naughty Fifty Shades movies.


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