Rahat’s drive-thru Elmo prank

I’m not sure what it says about my taste that Rahat’s drive-thru pranks continue to amuse me. A lot of them are pretty funny and they’re generally pretty harmless, though I feel a little bad about the occasional person who seems genuinely scared out of his or her wits.

Many of the pranks are based on a fake seat back behind which Rahat can sit and drive the car (at least enough to navigate a fast-food drive-thru lane) while the apparent driver is a skeleton, a robot, a teddy bear, a puppet, or nobody at all. Reactions range from fright to hilarity. This time the mystery driver is Elmo from Sesame Street. You’d think this would produce mainly “Awwww”-type reactions, but apparently for some people Elmo is the stuff of nightmares:

Link: https://youtu.be/RUPo6qhU-Nw

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