Saw puppet gets fast food

In the latest drive-thru prank from Rahat, the evil puppet from the Saw movies goes to several fast food places in search of tacos, burgers, and chicken nuggets. As usual the reactions range from amusement to shock to both at once. Reasonably funny:


Here’s a compilation of Rahat’s best bits from last year, not all at the drive-thru, and not all winners. I particularly like the enchanted frog prank, in which a stuffed frog sitting on a park bench tells passing women that he’s an enchanted prince and persuades quite a few of them to kiss him, leading to their astonishment when the frog vanishes in a cloud of smoke and is replaced by a prince complete with crown. (Once woman still suspects the witch who transformed him into a frog did so with good reason.) Fair warning, though: While most segments are at least reasonably amusing some seem rather pointless or even downright inconsiderate and unfunny or even dangerous.


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