Samantha Bee on refugees

To repeat myself, some of the best long-form political journalism is being done on comedy shows. Samantha Bee, for example, has done a number of programs about the status of refugees in the U.S. on her TBS show Full Frontal, explaining why fears of them are based almost entirely on misconceptions and guesses that may seem reasonable but don’t hold up to scrutiny. It’s reasonably funny as well, but it’s mainly interesting and informative. It also presents an editorial point of view with which you’re of course entirely free to disagree.

(I wish there were similar programs presenting a conservative point of view, but unfortunately, aside from P.J. O’Rourke, most U.S. conservatives seem to have lost their sense of humor, and too many get their fact wrong. Alas, that’s a problem on the left as well, just not quite as pervasive.)

This first clip is from about a month ago before Trump’s travel ban version 1.0 was overturned by the courts. The usual cable show warning applies: Indelicate language ahead.


These two clips go into more detail about who the refugees are:



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