Sean Spicer’s press conference on SNL

On the outside chance you haven’t seen this, here’s one of the best things NBC’s Saturday Night Live has been done in years:


That’s comic actress Melissa McCarthy as White House spokesweasel Sean Spicer, and even Fox News (!!) praised the bit:

Donning an oversized suit and short-cropped wig, the Ghostbusters star delivered an amazing impression of the hot-tempered Spicer in what might have been the breakout sketch of the night.

From the press secretary’s infamously contentious relationship with members of the press to his use of “alternative facts,” and even his bizarre affinity for chewing gum, McCarthy’s impersonation was as brutal as it was hilarious.

Re chewing gum: Spicer says that he chews and swallows 35 pieces of Orbit cinnamon gum every morning. This has led to articles in Business Insider and Esquire on whether this unusual habit might be bad for his health. (Conclusion: Probably not, but it’s still not a good idea.)

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