Samantha Bee reassures Democrats they don’t have to become Republicans

Samantha Bee urges Democrats to continue their historical support for working people and civil rights. I could quibble about some things, but on the whole I agree with her. One point she could have added is that by far the biggest practitioner of identity group politics was Trump. Trump did manage to avoid explicit racism (though he had no reservations about explicit misogyny), but it’s not an accident that white nationalist groups celebrated his victory. The Klan even held at least one widely publicized Trump victory parade in North Carolina.

Bee also makes a good point that a lot of criticisms of what the Democrats did or didn’t do the last campaign are based more on misperceptions or on news media failures rather than reality. She’s also right that while Republicans did very well in North Carolina, the two loudest GOP supporters of HB2 (the ridiculous “bathroom bill” that doesn’t even do what its advocates wanted it to do; more on that here) lost to their Democratic opponents.


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