Seth Meyers on Trump’s defenders

Late night host and alumnus of SNL‘s Weekend Update segment Seth Meyers talks about the odd defenses offered up by Trump’s defenders (and Trump himself) against charges that he sexually harassed and assaulted women. Mike Huckabee’s analogy to the film Jaws is particularly weird and unintentionally funny.


As Meyers mentions in passing, it isn’t just that a number of women claim he forced unwanted attention and kisses on them, it’s that Trump himself said he’d done it on the notorious Access Hollywood tape. He also told Howard Stern that a perk of owning the Miss Universe Pageants was being able to go where no other man was allowed and ogle beauty contestants in their dressing rooms, something now confirmed by several of the women who competed in the Miss Universe and Miss Teen Universe contests. One member of the latter group reportedly ogled by Trump was 15 at the time.

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