Star Trek home theater

I’m not a particular fan of Star Trek (or of Star Wars, for that matter, having seen only four of the films in that series), but I’ve nothing against people who are, and I rather like this home theater based on the production design of Star Trek: The Next Generation:


The couple’s collection of memorabilia is focused on Star Trek but not limited to it, for example featuring a replica of Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet (1956).

Marc Bell, the businessman who built all this with his wife Jennifer, is enough of a Star Trek fan and nice guy that whenever a new Star Trek film is released, he takes his friends, employees, and their kids to the theater on opening night.

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Star Trek home theater — 1 Comment

  1. Seeing those familiar-looking chairs brought back a memory: When I visited the ST:TNG set, lo these many years ago, one thing that surprised me was that the chairs on the bridge set would be wrapped in plastic when not in active use. I assume this was to 1) keep them as pristine as possible for the length of the series, and 2) to keep crew and visiting fans from wearing them out. If it hadn’t been wrapped in plastic, it would have been hard to resist sitting in the Captain’s chair and making “Vroom, vroom!” noises.

    If I had Effectively Unlimited Funds, the house I’d have built would have a home theater room, but less grandiose than seen here. But more of the EUF would be spent on a fancy-schmancy library big enough to shelve all our books. (The 2-car garage we converted a quarter-century ago ran out of space quite a while ago.) I’d also have the house designed with stretches of wall specifically meant to display all the unframed or unhung art we’ve picked up over the last 40 years.

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