Trying to evict a 99-year-old

Here’s another case to boil one’s blood:

A trio of landlords want to convert a San Francisco apartment building into condos, so they’ve been trying to evict a renter. But this particular renter, a 99-year-old woman who has lived there since the 1940s, has a lease explicitly allowing her to stay the rest of her life.

The landlords, apparently aspiring to be silent movie villains, are trying to break the lease anyway. One of them claims to have found the apartment empty and unoccupied, allegedly proving the woman had moved out. Why might reasonably wonder why she would have continued to pay rent on an unoccupied apartment, and in fact, it’s clear she does live there. It’s true that she sometimes for health reasons stays with her family, but she still mainly lives in her home, and the landlord’s description of the allegedly deserted apartment doesn’t seem to conform to reality.

The woman also has a live-in caregiver who violates a lease clause against roommates. So the landlords are basically claiming that no one lives in the apartment and that she does live there with a roommate. Lawyers sometimes argue in the alternative, but this is ridiculous.

Besides, what kind of jerk throws a 99-year-old woman out of the place she’s lived for something like 70 years?

More at this link.

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