Uganda’s king of action movies

A few years ago an action movie fan in Uganda named Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana decided to make a movie. Like many people in his country he had little money and lived in difficult circumstances, but he and his friends were resourceful. What they didn’t have in the way of props and equipment, they improvised from whatever they could find, from junked cars to discarded electronics.

Nabwana and his friends made their first film, Who Killed Captain Alex, for under $200 and showed it to their small community, where it proved a sensation. But to make another film, Nabwana had to erase his first one from his computer’s hard drive. Fortunately there was a DVD of the final product so it wasn’t lost entirely. Before long it had acquired an international fan base. One American film enthusiast named Alan Hofmanis was so excited to discover Nabwana’s ambitious project that he sold his belongings to buy a ticket to Uganda, where he is now an action star.

Nabwana and friends continued to make micro-budget movies, and he decided to try to get funds to make another one via a Kickstarter campaign that encouraged people all over the world to appear in the movie by sending a video of themselves acting out being shot. Rather than raising the $160 he asked for, the Kickstarter campaign brought in $13,000.

Nabwana’s home town is Wakali, but they call it Wakaliwood.

Here’s a video made to promote the aforementioned Kickstarter campaign:


You can support Wakaliwood movies on a continuing basis via Patreon here:

For more, follow the links above, or do a web search for “Nabwana” or “Wakaliwood.”

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