John Oliver’s brilliant examination of Donald Trump

Yet again John Oliver takes on a serious subject with combination of humor and a lot of solid factual information. This time the topic is Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. My brother Tom recommended this to me over a week ago and I very much regret that I only got around to it last night. Even if you think you’re fed up with hearing about Trump, please take time to watch this. It’s excellent, informative, and immensely entertaining. (Infuriating in spots as well, perhaps, but still fun.)


(The website Oliver mentions is

I will say one thing in Trump’s defense: He’s right that Fox News has it in for him. That was demonstrated in the last debate, in which Fox News joined with Cruz and Rubio in ganging up on him, and Fox News even brought graphics. A lot of the points made were entirely valid, but several of those points — for example, that Trump’s tax-and-spending numbers simply don’t add up — apply at last as much to Ted Cruz’s budget proposals, and the moderators gave Cruz a free pass.

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