Surgeon Simulator

Apparently there’s a two-player video game called Surgeon Simulator that permits each player to control one of the surgeon’s hands. Here YouTubers Rhett and Link give it a try. The Surgeon Simulator bit starts two minutes in.

You might not want to watch this if you have surgery scheduled.


Each day these guys do an episode on the Good Mythical Morning channel running about 10 minutes and typically devoted to interesting trivia, and that episode is then continued for another 10 minutes or so on the separate channel Good Mythical More for those who have extra time. Twenty minutes a day seems a little excessive to devote to watching Rhett and Link, so I watch them only occasionally, but then again I know people who watch a big chunk of The Today Show every morning, and I’d rather watch Rhett and Link. Click below for the channels in question:

Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical More

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