John Green tests “life hacks”

Novelist and incredibly prolific YouTuber John Green puts a number of supposed “life hacks” to the test, with results that are often amusing and sometimes useful:


Highlights include

  • Freezing onions stops them from causing tears
  • Freezing clothing with gum stuck to it makes it easier to remove the gum
  • (John neglects to mention it, but these two hacks can probably be combined)
  • A Ziploc® or similar sealable plastic bag can protect a smart phone at the beach while leaving it still mostly usable
  • If you make a low wall of peanut butter near the outer edge of a peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwich, this keeps the jelly from falling out
  • Microwaving granola bars makes them less crumbly
  • You can slice a watermelon using a quarter and karate, but it takes 45 minutes

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