Review: And So It Goes (2014 movie)

Rob Reiner’s romantic comedy, about an aging and disagreeable real estate agent (Michael Douglas) and a depressed widow and nightclub singer (Diane Keaton), is watchable but formulaic. It begins when Douglas’s estranged son drops off his daughter (Douglas’s granddaughter, who he had never even known existed) on the way to serve a prison sentence, and Keaton pitches in to help because Douglas is obviously not up to the job. It’s OK but forgettable.


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Review: And So It Goes (2014 movie) — 1 Comment

  1. 1994’s I’LL DO ANYTHING, with Nick Nolte, had a similar set-up, with Nolte’s character’s ex-wife unloading their young daughter on Nolte with no notice when the ex-wife gets sent to prison. Crashed at the box office, but I enjoyed it quite a bit when I watched it a few years ago.

    Oddly, I’LL DO ANYTHING was filmed as a musical, but previews audiences disliked the songs so much the musical interludes were ditched, several scenes reshot, and the director, James Brooks, spent seven weeks re-editing it into a straight film.

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