In defense of computer generated effects

Just recently a friend of mine complained that overuse of computer-generated visual effects have ruined movies. Here’s an interesting response to that:


In brief, the problem isn’t the effects, it’s the writing. Meanwhile, today’s digital effects are often so good and so pervasive in films of all sorts that much of the time they pass completely unnoticed.

Incidentally, while the video above doesn’t mention it, computer-generated imagery has been used to convert near nudity to full nudity in a few films, such as 50 Shades of Grey. And that reminds me of a discussion that came up on a filmmaking mailing list I help moderate. One member of the group was astonished that a former Saved by the Bell actress had appeared fully and frontally in the film Showgirls. He wondered if perhaps she had not been totally nude but had been made to appear that way by means of visual effects. More specifically, he asked, was it possible that her naughty bits had been, and I quote, “digitally manipulated.” This produced an outpouring of etymology such as the world had never known.

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