Jesse Stone on two Hallmark channels and UniMás

Sorry to be so late mentioning this, but the new Jesse Stone movie, Lost in Paradise, premiered on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel last night, and naturally I missed it. It will be shown again October 25 on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel and it appears I’ll miss that one as well, dagnabbit. Anyway here’s the trailer:


and here are some short interviews about it:


There’s a (positive) review at this link and some additional information about the film here (including the tidbit that Selleck wrote a part in the film specifically for his Blue Bloods co-star Amelia Rose Blaire.

My reviews of the previous Jesse Stone movies can be found here. (That’s the single most popular entry in this blog, with more then 27,000 views in the past year.)

I’m even later in mentioning that UniMás, a U.S. Spanish-language channel affiliated with Univision, broadcast the film Jesse Stone: Benefit of a Doubt (El beneficio de la duda) on September 30. I came across it completely by accident and watched a only few minutes (I know very little Spanish), but it was nice to see the movie series reaching a larger audience. The dubbing Jesse Stone’s lines has a much deeper voice than Tom Selleck, which was briefly disconcerting for those of us used to hearing Selleck, but I doubt it detracted from the enjoyment for Spanish-speakers.

There’s a promo for El beneficio de la duda on the UniMás Facebook page here. Unfortunately you don’t get to hear Jesse’s voice, but if I can find a link to a clip I’ll add it later.

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