Yet another surreal post-dentist video

One of the new movie genres invented on YouTube consists of people babbling as they recover from general anesthesia or sedation after major dental work. Below is another in that vein from earlier this month. I am not at all proud of how much I laughed at it. Also, to save your having to point it out, the person who shot this (the mother of the subject, I believe) is indeed guilty of at least two major sins, namely, shooting video while driving and shooting vertical video.


I have never had general anesthesia or sedation for dental surgery. In fact, when I had my wisdom teeth removed during my Navy days, two of them were so impacted that the work was done by two dental surgeons in a naval hospital, and at one point they ran out of hands and I ended up running suction, assisting in my own oral surgery.

At one point the guy with the scalpel said, “Oops!” and I said, “Oo?” He explained that he’d cut a little more than he’d intended and would have to put in an extra stitch or two. He added that he used to have an assistant prone to saying things like, “Ooh, Doctor, look at all that blood!”

A former office mate of mine at Duke had some dental work done under general anesthesia and woke up by herself, which of course isn’t supposed to happen for anyone under general anesthesia. She was so out of it that she became convinced that her husband was waiting for her in his car outside. When she tried to get up and go to him, she discovered that she was too wobbly to stand, so she proceeded to crawl. Flying under the radar, so to speak, helped her departure go unnoticed by the dental staff until she was halfway across a waiting room, drizzling a trail of blood and saliva onto the carpet, in front of horrified spectators waiting their own turn. At this point the receptionist or some other employee of the office realized that an escape was in progress and sounded the alarm. A phalanx of dental professionals rushed into the waiting room, picked her up, and carried her back into the bowels of the place no doubt crying, “You fool, you’ll never get away! Ahhahahahahaha!!”

Finally, for anyone inclined to defend the creation of vertical videos, please see this previous post.

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