Review: Moon (2009 movie)

I saw this based on a recommendation from late and much-missed friend Dave Locke. As he said, this is a true science fiction movie, not what usually passes for one.

Sam Rockwell plays a man in a solo job at a mining station on the far side of the Moon. Giant roving vehicles process the surface regolith to extract helium-3 atoms, and periodically Rockwell sends the cannisters back to Earth via a magnetic cannon, where the helium-3 is used to fuel fusion power plants. His only companion is an artificially intelligent robot that roams the station hanging from tracks in the ceiling. Then something very weird happens and he’s no longer alone. No, not aliens, something much weirder.

I don’t want to say any more for fear it would spoil your enjoyment. It’s very well-acted and decently written, and most of the flaws, such as the fact that the Moon base interior is obviously not in lunar gravity, can be overlooked as compromises with necessity.

The story isn’t brilliant, but it’s original and thoughtful and on a level with published science fiction. I did find it at times depressing and occasionally predictable, once you start to catch on, but the acting is quite good, the ending was better than I expected, and it is nice to see real sf in a movie for a change.


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