Review: Hotel Transylvania (2012 movie)

Dracula, who operates a resort hotel where monsters can vacation free from human persecution, invites his fellow famous monsters to the huge party he’s putting on for for his daughter Mavis’s 118th birthday. (Vampires must mature slowly, since she looks and acts 18.). Things are complicated by the arrival of a young American backpacker named Jonathan who naturally hits it off with Dracula’s daughter, much to the horror of Dracula.

There are some good laughs, and I particularly liked the wolf-man, who looks beaten down by life. (At one point he tells Dracula that only the youngest of his multitude of offspring still respects him.) On the other hand, I couldn’t understand what Mavis saw in the rather air-headed Jonathan, and I was annoyed by the film’s suggestion that a first infatuation is the only romantic love one can ever know.

A bunch of past and present Saturday Night Live writers and cast members teamed with Sony Picture Animation to produce this tolerably amusing if lightweight computer-animated quasi-romantic farce.


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